Going Out

This isn’t the story of my being trans, but it is what I think is a story of my going out to a major place for one of the first times and participating in average life. As is recommended, I didn’t overdress. we’re talking a tunic, leggings and riding boots as my choice of outfit, […]

Strange dream

I woke up in the morning, walked into the bathroom and brush.   I looked into the mirror and found something different.   Suddenly  i got D cup breast over night, even my nipple gotten a lot bigger.    I tried to jiggle them a little and they bounce like crazy.   I reached down to see […]

Personal Blog just some random thoughts

Personal Blog just some random thoughts

    Today i want to write more a personal blog instead of transgender issues or gaming.    Let me be front about it.  It might include a lot rants.  So if this is not your thing please hit back page.   It’s kind of difficult to avoid writing transgender related articles since those are the things that […]