I Broke My Heart

Everyone’s always got the finger ready to point, but have they ever realized that we are able to break we own hearts? I’ve done this many times to myself without even realizing it by allowing people to treat me like crap, allowing my emotions to get the best of me and others opinions get the best of me. I’ll tell you this, for me, happiness is a choice. There’s always a worse to every situation, there’s always a better side to every situation, but it all comes down to you and which perspective you choose to look at things. You are not weak, you do not lack strength, no one does, just like the old saying “No one ever lacks strength, they lack will”. I used to believe I had no purpose in life because I wasn’t being treated right, no matter how many times I was told that I was loved I never fully believed it and one time my friend at the time said to me, “If you think there’s a reason for you to love yourself, then you’re not going to think there’s any reason for anyone else to love you either.” He was right. 

Love starts within yourself. If you can’t find value within yourself, you’re going to be way too dependent on other people to fill the empty gaps in your life. We all have our bad days where no matter how we look at it the cup is still half empty but you’ve got to learn to love yourself so that you can open up and blossom. “A closed palm cannot give or receive”. One thing I’ve noticed is that once I began respecting myself and standing up for myself, others began to respect me too. As RuPaul always reminds her girls at the end of every episode, “If you don’t love yourself then how in the Hell are you supposed to love somebody else?” That’s such a good reminder. Just think about it. If you are reading this and things are hard, with anything in your life, just think of it as being temporary. Everything’s temporary and that the good part and the not so good part in life. 

There are many different ways to ease the pain, a lot of times people don’t realize it but colors play a lot on your emotions. Just like too much orange can make a person feel uncertain, while surprisingly enough, grey can make a person comfortable. I brought this up because I recently painted my room pink and I’ve noticed a very positive change in my attitude. (I’m partially color blind, and out of all the colors I’m able to see correctly, pink is my favorite. )My point is, find what makes you feel better, whether it’s a color, a song, an art piece, a TV show, or even working out, if it brings positivity in your life and it doesn’t hurt anyone else, do it! I just want to give a huge thank you to everyone that read this until the end, it might’ve gotten a little boring towards the end, but I just wanted to share my experience in hopes of helping someone else. ? 

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    Patrick Connors

    That is me to sweetie… sigh. Its just hard the judgment has been my whole life. You were you given crap your whole life as well. It also seems ones defence even spurns more of it thats the hard part. How dose one not stand up for their rights. Their just supposed to roll over.